5 Possible Business To Start In Nepal

1.Transportation Services

Manufacturing companies, Importers and several other business owners need people to help them move raw materials or imported items from one location to another on a daily basis.And,Transportation is also a huge challenge for most citizens because a large number of people cannot afford their own cars.So, If you are interested in investing in Nepal, this is a business opportunity you should give serious consideration.

2.Educational Consultancy Services

Educational system in such economies, a lot of people prefer to study in developed countries if they can afford it. You can offer your services in these area by providing expert advice and helping aspiring students package their college applications and provide Visa assistance.This will be more effective in Nepal because For high level study many students prefer to choose Developed countries,

3.Travel Consultancy & Ticket Services

You can also provide travel consultancy services by providing online hotel reservation services, ticket booking services, airport pick-up and drop off and  Tour Guide Services to people visiting third-world countries from other countries.People from Nepal travel to foreign country for Work,Study ,Tour ,etc.If your interested to invest in these services it will be more advantengious to you and good services for those people who are travelling to different countries.

4.Hotel & Lodges

As we know Nepal is famous for Tourism , many foreign and domestic tourist prefer to visit different places over Nepal.Due to high numbers of visitors, the demand of hotels and lodges also increases so, to overcome the demand Hotels and Lodges are the most important things that provides benifits to both tourist and the owner. If you have a plan to start business in Nepal , Invest in these services these kinds of business has great future in Nepal .

5.Parks & Resorts

Every one love to enjoy the weekends with friends , relatives and lovers but how? Only the answer is going to visit beautiful places , playing games and so on. Mostly Nepali people love beauty so,building parks with beautiful scenes and some games attracts such people .So , i will guarantee you if you invest in Building parks and resorts you will gain profit double than your Investment.

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