Fuji Safari Park , Japan : Sharing A New Experience

Fuji Safari Park is the best place to spend holidays in every seasons . It lies In Shizouka Prefecture , Japan.

When i went there it was summer of 2018. Travelling through the jungle roads from Capital Tokyo , i reach there . I am summarizing my trip to Fuji Safari Park in this article.

Fuji Safari Park

Let’s Begin

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Ticketing And Entry Fees In Fuji Safari Park : 

Adults , high school students and older : 2,700yen

Children of age 4 to junior high school students :  1,500yen

Senior ages 65 and older : 2,000yen

For groups of 15 or more : Adults 2,000yen and Children are charged 1,000yen . 

Tickets Rate for persons with disabilities are charged half price. ( disability certificate is compulsory) , And for all visitors Parking is free.

Fuji Safari Park has different zones inside its area . If you are going there in buses, trucks, convertibles, canvas-topped vehcles or motorbikes use the jungle bus services within the park. If you are going with friends in private vechile it would be better to travel in your own vechile. 

In case if you are visiting with your childrens , jungle bus is the best one. The fare is 1,300 yen each . Children under two years may ride free of charge.  

Bear Zone : The first zone is Bear Zone, here we can see Bears. This zone is specified for Bears. Bears comes close to your car.

Lion Zone : The next zone after Bear zone is Lion zone , like there are Bears in Bear Zone you can see Lions in this Zone . Similarly , Tiger Zone , Cheetah Zone , Elephant Zone , you can see the specific animals. And in Herbivorous Animal Zone , you can see giraffe, rhinoceros etc

In This Safari Park Mountainous and Herbivorous Animal Zone is also available .Where you can see Herbivorous animals like sheep , goats , kangaroo , birds species , etc . This is a zone for feeding and playing with animals. The zone is divided into two different sections : Fureai Bokujo (Petting Zoo) and Doubutsu Mura (Animal Village). Here you can see those animals which you have never seen before. 

In Petting zone you can see meerkats, warthogs, red kangaroos and dikdiks etc. And in Animal Village you can see Lycaon (African wild dog) ,  Leopard , Hippopotamus , Striped hyena , Cape hyrax , African porcupine ,Ring-tailed lemur , Alpaca , Common squirrel monkey ,Bennett’s wallaby , Rabbit , Guinea pig , etc

In this park there are different Houses seperated for different pet animals. Cute lovely pet animals like Cat , Dog , Rabbits are kept in there own houses :  Cat House , Dog House , Rabbit Houses To visit these houses you are charged for 500 Yen.

Thats what i see in Fuji Safari Park. This safari park is the most famous , exciting and cool place to enjoy holidays. If you are planning to visit , it would be great decision. I suggest all the readers to visit this Fuji Safari Park once.