How To Create Transparent Text Logo |Photoshop CC |

Here are the easy steps to make your own text transparent png logo file. Let you all know that the video related to this post is placed at the end of this article . I have categorized this article to make text png logo in few steps . Now , lets begin to the steps to create the text png logo .

Step 1

  • Open Photoshop File
  • Select Create New
  • Choose Size
  • In color mode , select RGB color
  • In background contents , select custom
  • Select any one color ( Recommended : Blue Color )
  • And then select create.

Step 2

Now here it comes the main steps to create your logo .

  • At first select the text icon in the left side of your photoshop
  • Then input the text
  • After inputting the text you can change the Font , Size and Color of different words in your text. You can change font ,size and color of any single word as you want.

Step 3

Changing The Font :

  • Select the word or text
  • Click the font icon
  • Select the font you want

Changing size

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• Select the word or text

• Click on the font size icon on the top side

• Pick up the size you want

• Changing the Color

  • Select the word or text
  • Click on color icon
  • Pick up the color you want

Step 4

After doing all this , now it comes to the step to convert your file into transparent file. For that you have to delete the layer or background except the text layer. So , now delete the blue colored background , it will make your logo a transparent logo.

Step 5

After this we came to the last step to make it done.The last step is to save your file. For that we have to export the file. In photoshop cc in order to save file we have to export the file.

  • Go to file
  • Select export , export as
  • Click on transparency
  • Click export all
  • And save your file to pc . Its done !

Following these steps , you can design your own transparent text logo. If you want to learn or make your logo watching video you can check the video here.

( Note : Drop your question or any recommendations in the comment , i will make next article based on your recommendation )

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