‘ Only Demand Doesnt Work In Sports ‘

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Let’s Begin To The Title

What we wish may not be fulfilled. There may be the unknown or unexpected reasons that may make our wishes failed , it means our demands mismatches the facts. Demands are not preplanned or related to agreements , they are just an vibes for satisfaction on something that we wishes to get for. Demand may creats chances but it will not work until the facts get matched.

Basically there are somethings where demands actually dont work or we don’t get what we wish for. We demand because we dont have power to make it done so we focus on our wishes rather looking for the actual needs. Our wishes and demands may not be the important factors to make decisions for that person who have the access to make choice according to theirs favour and needs.

In politics , a candidate for leader is selected from the demand of the people so people can make choice to decide for the upcoming elections or events. The political parties fills up the demand of people even their choices are different because result may be unexpected if party decide of theirs own instead of looking people’s demand.

Demand in Sports

Demand in sports is different than others sectors , peoples expectations are more meaningful in sports. Unlike the politics , in sports authorities focus in everythings. In politics the party authorities study the demands of people , which candidates is most popular across the people in the specified area , they study the possiblity to win and so on .But in sports , the authorities are focused in every things , those everything includes demands of fans,popularity,fitness,capacity,willness,conterversy and others every single factors that directly or indirectly impacts the games nature.

For example , pakistani players are banned in IPL , authorities are directly or indirectly infulanced with the relationship between India and Pakistan. Even though pakistani cricket players are good in every aspects , authorities decide not to include in the league because the power to make choice is not given to the people even if there are millions of fans who wishes to see Pakistani players playing IPL . Here the demand fails , demand of people to see pakistani players in IPL remains as wishes. But still they hope to see in next seasons it means they never stop demanding and wishing.


In IPL ,cricket players from different countries are selected in different teams. Cricket fans of those countries are divided to different teams. I think you got what i am trying to say . I mean , Sandeep Lamichhane wa selected in IPL for the first time from Nepal in 2018 season. From the starting till the end of the season we were wishing only one things , that is to see Sandeep playing every matches from Delhi Deardevils. Demand from Nepali cricket fan was so higher , but many times those demands were not being fulfilled . We were expecting to see Sandeep lamichhane in Playing XI but our expectations were limited within expectations. It means , the team authorities were making selection according to their needs and plans that doesnt meets our expectations, demands and wishes. From our sight Sandeep was capable , energetic, talented , active , with good fitness and all others factors to be in playing XI but the internal teams authorities including coach , captains and upper authorities were more attached with the Sandeep’s activity during practice , workouts and so on .

We judge Lamichhane as we see in the field but the authorities have looked all his performance , fitness,experience,needs and so on . I just mean to say that , even the authorities are known about the demands of fans to see sandeep playing match , they were focused on everything. Even it took time ,Sandeep was picked for the match. Why he was picked ? Even its after loosing hope for next round ? Because he may be the strongest weapon to make team win the match. It happens only when team needs the talent which was only within Sandeep Lamichhane.

After Sandeep’s first match , we again wish to watch him playing in next match. His good performance in first match gave him the opportunity for the next match . Demands from fans , his good performance, capacity , discipline , fitness , etc leads him to play more matches . When he was not included in Playing XI before , his capacity was unknown , he was looked like not experienced but when he got the chance , all the thoughts towards him changes , team’s decision changes , sight to identify his talent changes , personality changes , value changes , prestige of country changes , confidence to team changes , Nepal’s pride changes ,Team’s pride changes, the sad face which was continuously expecting since many matches finally changes .

So , demand in sports may not work quickly as we expected . But when our demands changes to needs in the team everything changes. Happiness level and the expectation for the comming matches rises up. Lets not worry if our expectations doesnt meets our satisfaction, not worry if we dont get result on our favour .

Best wishes to all the Nepali players who is making proud us in every sports. This article was based on demands in sports representing IPL and Sandeep Lamichhane. Best wishes for Sandeep Lamichhane in this IPL Season.


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