Enjoying Snowfall in Kiran Sir’s Style ! 6 Best Way To Enjoy

Snowfall , Mountains and Some other beautiful nature gifted beauty brings excitement to us . We have our own way to enjoy them. The important thing we must not forget is to wear warm clothes , gloves ,etc before going out. So how can we enjoy snow ? Here are some way Kiransir  enjoy snowfall.

Feel It : When we look outside and we see fresh snow covered over ground , trees , roads and falling gradually it brings so excitement . The first thing we do is we feel the moment , even we are inside the house looking the fresh snowfall we feel like snow is falling over our head and we are covered by it .

Breathing : The next way that brings excitement is breating the snow. It means feeling deep inside , inhaling fresh air and exhaling . Blowing of smokey breathe makes it more enjoyable.

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Play Snow : The well known way to enjoy snow is playing with it. Graving the snow , making ball , making puppets , playing with friends etc is the best way to enjoy it.

Taking Selfies & Pictures : Taking selfies on white background full of snow and falling snow makes sweet and attractive pictures. Not only selfies , taking the pictures of snow is also popular way to enjoy.

Making Videos : Making videos is another way to capture moments.These days facebook live , instagram live is famous among friends.

Writing Names : Writing names in snow is next way to enjoy snow. Beside making pupets and ice ball , writing name of friends or your own and sharing with them add extra happiness.

So these are the simple and common way to enjoy snowfall. Thanks for reading.

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