How To Capture Mobile Screen ? iphone screen recording tips #howto #iphone

I-Phone have advanced features which are hidden within your settings.Among them screen recording features is also one feature hidden within your iphone. Let you know you one thing that in new iphones versions , there is an advanced features to record your screen.Those iOS devices doesnt need any aplications for their features.You can enable these features in few steps quickly easily.

Here in this article,information related to record your iphone screen is explained in easy languages with easy tips.

  • goto Setting in your iOS/i-phone device.
  • click Control Centre,it will take you to customize control.
  • click customize controls,it will take you to the different controls.

From here you have to include one control to record your screen.

  • scoll down search for screen recording
  • click on (+) button ,then scroll up you can see screen recording controls up ther in include section.
  • now your iphone is ready to screen record, for that swipe up your iphone from down to up side
  • there you can see additional features that will allow you to record screen
  • long press on it if you want audio

Tap on microphone to record audio , it will enable audio record at the same time while recording the mobile screen.

  • then tap start recording , after 3 seconds it will start recording
  • you screen is now recording
  • to stop just simply click the red bar on the top on screen
  • then stop

After this you can find your recorded video in you photos library .

Like this you can capture any thing from your iphone,you can record youtube videos,facebook videos and so on.Thats all about screen recording in Iphone.Enjoy.

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