Laxmi Puja : The Rising Of Bright Star In Nepali Literature

Dedication to The Great Poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota 

Festival Tihar is ongoing , Lots of people are making Rangoli,tradational rotis but have anyone remembered Laxmi Prasad Devkota ? – a historic brand name in Nepali Literature.

He was born on the same night of Laxmi Puja on Kartik 27 1966.  Laxmi Puja , a day of Festival Tihar , also celeberated as the day of the great poet Devkota at National level . His contribution in Nepali Literature has brought revolution in the field of modern poetry. His inspiration,contribution ,dedication to Nepali Literature is included as basic biography chapter in school level. 

Very kind and innocent person on Humanity. We have studied in the biography about some events that happened in his life. One of the famous event is , ‘ He gave his wearing coat to the poor person’ . His famous long narrative poem Muna Madan was able to create history as the most sold book of Nepalese Literature. The reason behind this recorded history is that the poem is written in Jhyure Bhaka and represent exact lifestyle of Nepali by showing the story based on Journey of life that includes seperation from beloved ones , leaving country to earn money , humanity,etc . 

The most famous quoted lines from Muna Madan that shows the humanity and represent the discrimination created by caste on Nepalese Society. This lines is not only the words this is the massage and base to eleminate the discrimination.

“ क्षेत्रीको छोरो यो पाउ छुन्छ, घिनले छुदैन 

मानिस ठूलो दिलले हुन्छ, जातले हुदैन “

The next famous lines is the about the love of Motherland . In the poem , Madan comes to realize that money is of no value when you loose the most beloved one. 

“ हातका मैला सुनका थैला के गर्नु धनले ,

साग र सिस्नु खाएको बेस आनन्दी मनले “

Apart form Muna Madan he wrote many other famous poem , mahakabya ,essays books. Shakuntala , Pagal , Bhikhari ,Ban , Kishan , Baadal, k nepal sano chha? , etc are some of them. He was most dedicated person in Nepali Literature, the nationalistic person who inspired many morden poets , brought nationalistic sentiments among Nepalese people through his poems , Simple lifestyle and dedication. 

Spending his entire life for the betterment and representation of Nepali Literature, Lifestyles and Humanity worldwide he has written many poems in different languages including English. We have studied that he has capacity to give long speech in English , Sanskrit with powerful lines. 

Later on 2016 Bs he died due to cancer at the age of 50. His contribution to Nepali Literature recognized him as Mahakabi ( The Great Poet ) who‘s soul is still alive in every Literature loving Nepali. His birthday is celeberated at National level celeberation by conducting literature based programs. Government of Nepal also organizes program on this day and the best thing of this day is that as this day is related to the lights of festival ‘ Tihar ‘  people lights their houses , rooms with candles and lighting that represent the ‘ Brightness In The Nepali Literature ‘ 

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