Muskan Raising Voice In ‘ The Voice ‘

An innocent child girl who has been suffered across a huge pain in her beautiful early age is now inspiring all human beings through her courage to be strong and chase the dream. Muskan , a child girl who become the victim of acid attack is empowering womens and raising voice against the culprit so that no other girls/sisters would be the next victims in upcoming days.

‘ I want to say to all nepali brothers and sisters that , please raise the voice so that a child like me or any sisters cant face these kinds of Pain further “

– Muskan

She has spread a powerful messages and requested her wishers , nepali brothers/sisters to pray for her dream. ‘ i want to be doctor , please pray for me to became doctor ‘ , muskan said on the 30th episode of The Voice Of Nepal’s Season 2 . In addition , she dedicated her greetings to The Voice Of Nepal Teams , Audiences , well wishers and Viewers. She continued her messages requesting all Nepali brothers and sisters to raise voice against Acid Attack. ‘ I want to say to all nepali brothers and sisters that , please raise the voice so that a child like me or any sisters cant face these kinds of Pain further “ , Muskan said. Suddenly The moment gone emotional.

Voice For Birth imprisonment ( जन्म कैद )

For the justice and to stop these kinds of crimes , her supporters and the her team are working , demanding and raising voice to implement Birth imprisonment ( जन्म कैद ) to the culprit who involves on such inhuman behaviours.

Right Platform

The voice of Nepal is the famous reality show which is loved by huge numbers of people. Muskan’s messages and her appeal to Nepali society through this platform may be the strong weapon to make different organs of government including Supreme court more concerned and to make strict law. It is sure that after listening to her message every Nepali citizen will support her to chase her dream and to raise voice for justice.

How is justice to victims affected ?

As we know every crimes are against humanity , at first we must make humanity as the primary solution on every causes. Even we are unknown about the victim we must be there for humanity. We must behave every victims with love , support and prays .We are known about different scandals that had happened in our country , we know the culprit, we have the proofs but judgement are made on the basis of poperty , castes , gender , posts and so on . Even on justiciable cases , Nepalese society mainly focuses on gender,castes,profession this must be ignored and look for the real culprit.

So Now What Can We Do To Muskan And Her Voice ?

As she is suffering this hard times , our first role must be inspiring , encouraging and empowering her . As we have seen there were alots of wishes , prays and inspirational mesaages from famous nepali & bollywood celeberities which make her feel that they are with her, we must also make her proud so that she can realize that there are lots of well wishers of her . It will make her strong and she will get empowered , which means it will mentally and physically generate energy on her thoughts and exercises.

Exercises to implement Law

We must create pressure to the law makers and governments organs. When we conduct some events or programs we must include the topic as the matter to be concerned about. On such events womens must have huge presence , the presence of womens directly creates the pressure on society that can make the social activist alert about such events . Inviting the social activist, local political leaders on such events create more pressure on their parties and government.

Similarly, we must utilize social media on spreading such messages and voices because social media has high numbers of people engaged every time. Reaching message to more people means more support, more support leads to create pressure on government which compell them to take action according to the people’s spirit.

As we all know that law is made for the justice to victims and punishment to culprit, hope government will be concerned to make citizen feel safe and control inhuman activity like Acid Attack which Muskan is facing.

Love you Muskan , Wishes for your dream and health recovery .

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