Quick Decision : ‘ Tiny Satisfication Just Before Huge Regration ‘

I never start any topic with the definition.I use normal language and simple words to make it easy to understand , all the contents on my articles will be touching the sprit of the above title .

Lets Get To The Title

This article is based on quick reaction that includes the capacity & power to judge quickly. Sometimes while we are going on the one way our mind diverts to other way. Like that , this article may divert some of you too , even i was diverted writing this. I know most of the readers are going to divert their mind while reading few sentences. Stay calm , this is exactly for those kinds of people . This article may look like it is based on negative effects of Quick Decision but going through every words you will realize the sense , there are alots of positivity.

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As we know that emotions are temporary , the decision that we make brings changes in our emotions. To make it easy , emotions are the result of feelings so if you are happy the emotions changes and if you are sad emotions changes. Reaction may be obvious but Decision must not be taken on that time as quick as you react. It creates the worst gap between the decision and the regretting time periods . The emotions ends as a realization and the realization agains makes you feel something extra which you havent feel yet. 

Before every quick decision , we quickly reacts something depending upon capacity to judge quickly . What we must know is that , the reaction we do must not be the decision , it sweeps away our emotions so quick that we dont even get time to think of the results ahead .

Feelings divert us to reacts on something at anytime whether we feel happy or sad , satisfied or disappointed feelings must not be taken as a decision. So , it’s better not to make quick decisoin according to your feelings because it feels good when you dont feel any regret on your decision ahead. It means in upcoming days or upcoming time if you are automatically going back to the same situation that you were just before making quick decision, why do you make such decision ? Why can’t you just react ? Cant the reaction gives you satisfication? 

Quick reaction is the best way to get satisfied for certain periods of time but it is not the long lasting satisfaction .

Quick reaction is the best way to get satisfied for certain periods of time but it is not the long lasting satisfaction . To feel satiesfied or to get the result in our favour we used to get anger , we used to say whatever we want , we do whatever we like or in simplest sentence ‘ we used to react upto the level which is not necessary at all ( either happily or sadly ) . ‘

Quick reaction sometimes may be the good factors to create the satisfication level even we know that our reaction will be meaningless. But the main things is that, satisfication we get from quick reaction must be limited within reactions. We must not convert our reactions to decision  , because those reactions are not enough to make the decision with certain feelings. 

Quick reaction in war ,in relationship,in game makes you satisfy for a certain time but the result after the reactions lasts long time. Its meaning remains constant and will be picked for any reason again and again. It means its easy to react , but hard to face the result. The quick reaction in war , game or relationship may makes you feel like the win is yours. It may looks like thats the right decision you made but when you come to the stage to realize those reactions after some interval you yourself will be more unsatisfied than on that moments when you were feeling satisfied. You will feel more bad , more regretful , more worst when you look back your reactions. 

I dont mean to say that quick reaction are bad choices , but it means in every aspects either it is good aspect or bad , quick reaction must be limited within reaction. It also has good result and advantageous sides too but i just mean to say that dont decide as quickly as you react.

When the time after your quick decisions passes , those decisions will be visualize just as reaction and slowly those reactions turns to worst feelings.Because those reactions slowly turns to unnecessary stuffs , you will feel down and you yourself will be questioning ‘ Was Those Reaction Necessary ‘ ? It will degrade your power to control, minimize power to decide and it will make you down within a second . Quick reactions are the feelings so you must limit those reactions . 

Its better not to make quick decision in sensational things like relationship, war, partnership , friendship ,etc  because at the end of the emotions that were created by quick reactions , it force you to step backward on those moments where you had made decision unnecessarily.

So its good if you dont let yourself to regret realizing about your past decisions. I hope you got the meaning what ’ Quick Decision Is ‘ . Stay chill , Stay Happy ! Thanks !!

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