Want To Make Bae Happy ? Play PUBG , Make Happy !

Playing PUBG with bae has a lots of positive things you have never felt yet. It may sounds funny , but yes there are alots of positive things that will make you feel like ‘Wow ‘.

Lets talk about those things that will bring the positive changes while playing pubg with Bae. Some people used to say that playing Ludo with Bae makes him/her happy but i dont beleive on that Ludo . 

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Before going to those things , i want to put some information about this article. Most of the people may feel funny or laugh while reading this and it is common to laugh because it is hard to beleive the good things at the first time. But later on you will  realize that this article is the most intresting,  good and helpful one. 

My bae is not interested on pubg . So , I believe and wish that She won’t read this articles because if she read than she will be addicted to pubg rather then on me. 

But for those who’s bae is interested in PUBG or want to play together they have a lots of advantages. To those who are not playing but reading this , i suggest to play together. If you are not happy with your bae or bae’s behavior play pubg it will make your relationship strong and generate understanding . 

There is nothing toff to make your bae happy, but most of them are still not be able to find the exact reason to make him/her happy. As this article is based on PUBG , here you can find the way to make bae happy playing PUBG.

The first things is that you can make audio communication ,it means you can make conversations and there you can make plan . For example the location for landing. Lets go to those things that make bae happy . 

First of all , You will be together there in plane , you can make plan where to  jump , after that you can jump together , you will search stuffs together , you will eleminate enemy together , you will save your bae if he/she is injured by giving life kits , you can exchange the gadgets , you can share drinks .

It will be more advantageous to boy because when your bae is knocked out by enemy or injured during battle , you can revive her so she will feel like you are there to save her life . And the most important thing is that , to make you bae happy you dont need to pick up stars or moon , just kill one enemy. Killing one enemy while playing PUBG with her is as like as you gifted her Stars and moon . So , When she see you killing just one enemy she will celeberate like she did it.

You may feel laugh but it is the good idea to make bae happy , making her to beleive you are strong and so on . Writing this i am also laughing but its true. Lets go further , even in battelground if she dont obey you instructions leave her to die , this is the right time to shout at her ?? . If she dont follow leave her there and go far far . Before going far make sure that she will follow you . For that make some heavy conversation on audio . 

After that she will follow you , wait her . In this situation stay alert and make sure that there are no enemy around you . After doing this you will get two advantages : You will feel that she cant leave you and she will also feel you cares her . The next thing is that She will not be sad about time you gave to her because you are there to play with her it means you are giving her time. If you can win Chicken Dinner celeberate together , if not play again.

If these things are getting inside you head you can do something great. After that apply those in real life . It means give time , talk her , give instructions or advice to her , share things .. even after this if she dont obey or follow instructions do like as in the game you did last time. But the sad thing for me is that , i cant apply with my bae because she dont play PUBG and she is not interested on it. And the next good things is that she has no interest to read this too.

Disclaimer: These instructions are based on PUBG game. Applying on real life may harms you and relationship. And also has chances to make you bae happy.

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