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Are you looking for the steps ahead after SEE ( SLC ) ? If your answer is Yes , you are on the right source for right information . If your answer is No , share this information to your brothers/sisters who have just given SEE. Here in this article , common and simple words are used to make all readers easy to understand.

Now , Lets Begin To The Topic !!

Hey , SEE attempted brothers and sisters do you know one thing ? Attempting SEE is easy , now you are going to face one difficult question from everyone including relatives,parents,friends parents,mama,maiju,etc . Do you know what is that question ? That question is ‘ What You Are Going To Do ?’ .

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It will make you hard to answer this question expect saying ‘ I Will Go College ‘ . I am 100% sure that you will easily answer those question after reading all this information because here are all the information for You.

This information is for all the students who have appeared or given SEE exam this year. Not only after finishing , months/year before attempting the SEE exam all the students were worried about only one question‘ What To Do After SEE ?’ .

SEE is Nepal’s most important educational pillar to build up the up-level education ahead. Now you are on right place to gain information , it means after reading this you can easily be able decide your future goal after SEE. 

Don’t waste time on the Gap Between SEE Exam And Result

Let you know one thing that , SEE means the beginning of options. It means you can choose the interested education sector. Like in school , you are not compelled to study the subjects ( like compulsory maths,science or else ). Here you can choose the faculty you are interested at. 

As we all know that our goal’s successes are based on what we are interested in , you must know the topic or subject in which you are interested in. It may includes technology,business,science,sports,socialism,etc. To reach your goal based on your interest and passion you must start preparing for it. It means if you are interested in technology based sectors you must make yourself ready to enter on that field by taking extra classes or trainingwhich are also known as bridge course.These courses includes the education that works as a plus point for your +2. 

Except Study What To Do ? 

If you are not much interested to study during the gaps ( result gaps ) you have different options to utilize the time on right things. All you need to do is analyzing your passon and interest. For example if you are interested in photography,acting,dance,singing,fashions,beauty,driving practice or so on you can choose alternative educational options by joining the tranings. I suggest you to utilize your gaps on any of the sectors that you are passionated in. 

What To Study After SEE ? 

This is the most common question that makes students hard to decide. As mentioned above after analyzing the passion and intrested sectors ,you can choose different faculty. In Nepal’s education system +2 is the next educational door that opens the further paths to make your goals success. There are some educational faculty’s options you can choose. Remember : before choosing the faculty you must know your capacity to carry your carrier ahead ( including your intrest,passions,educational information,financial background and soon ). 

Faculties :

+2 Science :


Students who are interested or have goals to be doctors,researchers ,scientist, engineer can begin their journey choosing this faculty where they can enter in any profession fields including MBBS ,Engineering ,Paramedical,Bsc,IT. 

This faculty includes these subjects in 11 & 12 : 





Biology or computer science 





Maths or Biology



Computer science (Opt)

Note : Computer Science and Biology are optional whereas Mathematics is the compulsory subject in Grade 11 . And in Grade 12 , Nepali is the compulsory subject so it is included in the basic subjects. But among Maths and Biology you have to choose one subject in 12. 

+2 Management :

Students who are intrested or have a goal to have profession like bank manager , Business consultant ,Accountant

Business strategist, CA etc can begin theri journey choosing this faculty. This faculty includes these subjects in 11 & 12 : 







Travel & tourism





Travel & tourism

Computer science


Business Math

Note : In grade 11 English, Nepali and Accountancy are the compulsory subjects including economics where as depending upon the colleges offers , students are allowed to choose Business Studies, Hotel Management, Computer Science etc. as optional subject. And in Grade 12 Nepali subject is not in the basic subjects. Nepali is replaced by Business Maths or Marketing. Among B.Maths and Marketing students can choose any one of them according to their intrest. 

+2 Education/Humanities :

Students who are intrested or have goal to engage in professiona like Teacher , Lecturer ,NGO/INGO worker ,Political Advisor, Social worker,etc can begin their currier by choosing Education/Humanities faculty. This faculty includes these subjects in 11 & 12 : 

Education (11 & 12 )

Compulsory English

Nepali ( in 11 )


Instructional Pedagogy

Intructional Evaluation

Child Development and Learning ( in 12 )


Introduction to Education

Population Studies

Major Subject (Eng/Nep/Maths),etc ( in Education )

Humanity ( 11 & 12 )

Nepali ( in 12 )

Compulsory English

Political Science



General Law

Mass Communication

Rural Development

Optional Subject (Eng/Nep/Maths),etc. ( in Humanities )

Before choosing the faculty you must know your capacity to carry your carrier ahead ( including your intrest,passions,educational information,financial background and so on ). Wish you all good luck ahead. If you find this information, share it to all the students,brothers/sisters,children’s who are SEE students. 

Note : All the contents are based on my personal information, if anyone feel unsatisfied or if you find any misinformation please feel free to contact . If you want to know more about this topic contact at krngtm98@gmail.com. Visit www.kiransir.com for more information.